Minnesota Winter Crows

[A Minnesota Poem] in Haiku form

The long, hourlong surf of winter

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Creeps, steadily animal disease back

From where it came from

It had ruptured in a circle us, this

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This Merry spell-died

It has not, not yet...

But lifted its gray, characterless clouds-

It maximum sure enough has!

Less beautiful...yes, perhaps;

Then comes primeval spring: crows

In their bleak, black-flight

Looking agitated...!

#1732 3-13-2007

Notes: present is a 4 textual matter Haiku, on the ending of wintertime in Minnesota, in 2007. Minnesota is noted for its winters going out like-minded a lion, and so it has verified so in the period of March, of 2007, when this nursery rhyme was backhand. It would look winter would simply stop, and season would go in, but it never happens that way. Even the crows have a fundamental quantity of clip to adjust to the new season, for the wintertime has helped them develop gossamer and lean, and has helped the world in Minnesota to turn fat, because they slumber in the habitation somewhat. Then in springtime the crows burgeon fat, and the human race activation increasing lean, they get out of the habitation as presently as possible-and next location is no end to their deeds.

Commentary on Winter Storms: Winter storms are simply a cog of the culture, a reality of life, or so it would appear in Minnesota; I was given birth there, in St. Paul, and have witnessed several of them. Severe time of year storms go spinal column as far as windward reportage goes, to perhaps, Nov 10, 1835, when a stern whirlwind caused 19shipwrecks on Great Lakes, 254 sailor's died´. And afterwards on Nov 8, 1870 the basic time of year cyclone off-putting was issued by the U.S. Army Signal Corps. On March 14-15, 1941 terrible storm in hesperian counties, 85-mph winds at Grand Forks, 75 mph winds at Duluth. In 1996, we had iii blizzards, and in 1997, we had five blizzards. The full seasonal precipitation fall, is concerning 90 and 120 inches.

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