Backgammon Rules are the same for the valid global and for the internet backgammon.

In dictation to read between the lines how to gambol backgammon, you essential publication all the tips and fathom out all the rules as explained.

In Backgammon, in attendance are two players playing hostile respectively else. Their Objective is to change place their checkers to their domain on piece of wood and next rob them out.

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The freshman to extricate all his draughts off the pane wins the backgammon halt.


The board game game is vie involving two players on a board near 24 triangles titled "Points". The points have two colours which solitary help out you to figure your moves in need any aim to the colours. The plate is disjunct into 4 small boards- "Home boards" and "Outer boards".

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The "Bar" separates all the boarding and runs in the halfway.

Each player has its own 15 draughts (there are two colours - red and albescent).

Each spear on the backgammon board has a contrasting number for each musician. Each board game player starts to figure the points from his dwelling. The prime constituent of the light actor is placed on the lower truthful side of the commission. This is as well the twenty cardinal constituent for the red participant. There are 2 official dice with 6 sides and a "Doubling cube" that has the numbers 2, 4, 8,16,32,64 on it and nearly new solitary to difficult stake.


Each board game player throws a chop up. The results of the chop ascertain who starts prime (the contestant with the greater development) and the introductory reallocate according to the grades of some chop.

If both players have the same result, they obligation to chuck once again.

After the original turn, all entertainer throws two slice on alternating turns.


The shift of the draughts is go-getting by the ending of the dice, the rise and fall gala how umpteen points ("Pips") a tender is allowed to remove. The change of the draughts on the backgammon board is anti dextrorotatory.


1. It is not allowed to shift a checker to a component which is not "Free/ Open". A set free constituent mode it's not inhabited beside more than 1 opponent's tender.

2. As explained earlier, the moves are granted reported to all distinctive mince. There some possibilities of promotion for the identical revolution of chop.

For Example, once a musician has a surge of 4 and 6 he may dart a attender 4 moves and a variant attendant the else 6, or he can cut the very tender 4 moves and consequently another 6 (or 6 moves and later 4) lonesome if the intermediate point is separated.

3. "Double"- When both slice appearance the same cipher. If a actor throws a siamese twin he will cavort the number on the square block multiple (in whole 4 modern times).

For example, A swell of 2 and 2 gives the actor 4 two's to use.

4. The musician essential modify the board game whenever the situation on the lath allows him to, and use all the moves resolute by the slice (even if it is a dual). If single one figure can be played, the artist must shove this number, or if all cipher can be contend but not together, the high number essential next be vie. When all the numbers cannot be played, the actor loses his circle.


"Blot"- a spike that is occupied near solely one checker.

If a player lands on an opponent's blot, it is a "Hit" and the opponent's attendant is rapt to the bar.


Whenever a artist has draughts on the bar his primary move, earlier he makes any else moves, must be ingoing the tender on the bar to the opponents' dwelling plate.

A tender can move into reported to the office of the die if the element is plain.

If both numbers are not open, the entertainer loses his spin. If the player has more than one attendant on the bar, and succeeds to get into just one, because the opposite figure is not open- he is not allowed to use the remaining number- merely once all board game are off the bar, a actress can establishment twisting the opposite checkers nigh on the plate.


When a musician deepened all his draughts on his address floorboard he is prompt to set in motion "Bearing off". A tender is separate once the number rolled matches the checker's component. For example, once a 2 is rolled, the contestant can undergo off a attendant repute at two prickle.

If there is no attendant on the spine the chop up show- the musician essential variety a shove (if de jure feasible) victimization a tender situated on a high spine.

If at hand are no draughts on greater tine the participant can carnivore off the attendant from the untouchable ingredient possible.

A artist doesn't have to bear off if he can gross a licit reallocate.

If the white entertainer started to undergo off, and the rival hits him, the white entertainer essential go in his attender from the bar as conventional once a attender is hit and determination his checker put a bet on to his family committee up to that time he can establishment to bear off again.

The premiere participant to tolerate off all his 15 checkers is the winner!

This is titled Gammon, and once the opposition didn't yet started to bear off his board game it is named backgammon.

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